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MSU Residence Halls Association

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Part Time

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The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) shall be responsible for the organization’s financial execution, operation, and training of Executive Board members on RHA financial policies.
Duties include but not limited to:
Shall be responsible for the execution of financial policies.
Shall oversee and regulate the use of all RHA funds.
Shall prepare a budget for the organization for the fall, spring, and summer periods. This preparation includes:
Develop in conjunction with the Executive Board, the line item budget allocations for each position, payroll, and other costs. Reviewing and taking into consideration for all funds proposals prior to passage of the bill.
Present proposed budget for approval by the Executive Board, and then two-thirds vote from the General Assembly.
Track all expenditures and maintain an accurate budget throughout each semester.
Communicate effectively with the Executive Board and Committee on Budget regarding any changes made to the budget.
Shall perform monthly reconciliation of the RHA general, constituent, and payroll accounts in conjunction with the RHA Business Manager and Director of Treasurers and Allocations.
Shall develop and implement financial policies for the organization as needed for procedural purposes, and update accordingly in the RHA Business Procedures Manual.
Shall conduct financial training for the Leadership Team members during fall and spring training or when requested.
Shall inform the General Assembly of tax refunds.
Shall be responsible for all of RHA's incoming revenue
Shall be responsible for keeping records of all expenses, and contracts.
Shall be responsible for signing all financial documents.
Shall oversee the preparation of the financial statements during the year and at the end of the financial year and prepare the financial report for the previous session to be submitted to the President during the Fall Semester.
Shall present a balanced budget with budget proposals by other Executive Board members to the General Assembly for final approval.
Shall present the balanced budget to the Committee on Budget when requested.
Shall work with Executive Board members to balance the RHA budget and meet with members on specific budget expenditures as needed.
Shall oversee financial operations for all RHA programs.
Shall have ultimate discretion over all expenditures from all RHA budgets.
Shall submit copies of a report explaining the expenditures of the previous month of the RHA General Assembly at the request of the General Assembly.
Shall supervise the Director of Treasurers and Allocations.
Shall meet bi-weekly with the Director of Treasurers and Allocations to ensure that all accounts are in good working order.
Shall serve as the liaison to the RHA Business Manager.
Shall serve as the liaison to the MSU internal audit department during the event of an audit and or internal review.
Shall serve as advisor to the Committee on Budget and oversee committee budgets and process all related forms.
The Chief Financial Officer is directly responsible to the President.


Must be available for the following:

  1. Weekly Team Meetings (Executive and Leadership) - Mondays 7-9pm

  2. General Assembly and Committee Meetings - Wednesdays 7-9pm

  3. Fall Training (one week before school starts) and for welcome week events as needed)

  4. Spring Training (the day before school starts in spring)

  5. Attend and Volunteer for RHA events throughout the academic year as directed

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