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Michigan Venture Capital Association Internship - Apply by Dec 2nd

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Michigan Venture Capital Association

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Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA) has a history of championing diversity through a successful venture fellows program along with creating awareness on the disparity of diversity in the VC/entrepreneurial community through webinars and published articles by the membership.

Interns would receive real-world entrepreneurial experience that will help equip them in their pursuance of a career as either an investor or entrepreneur.

Students would benefit from a paid, part-time, in-person internship.

Each student would receive essential skills training through MVCA that focuses on different areas such as entrepreneurial, venture capital and soft skills that will benefit their educational growth.

Each student would receive ongoing mentoring from their employer during the internship.

Internship Includes:

Working closely with a Michigan VC firm (in-person) for approximately 12-weeks.

Networking opportunities within fellow students and VCs. (A special networking event will also be combined with Michigan Founders Fund interns)

Two educational sessions.

Each intern is paid by the individual VC firm and is average rate is $15-20 an hour but at the discretion of the individual firm.


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