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  • Ethan Price

Another Chappelle Controversy

By: Ethan Price

17 October, 2021

With the release of the newest Dave Chappelle special, “The Closer”, Netflix is receiving backlash from both employees and viewers alike due to the fact that many think the special shines the transgender community in a negative light.

After the special aired, a Netflix employee showed his distaste for it by leaking confidential financial information, including the special’s production cost. While Netflix is very transparent regarding their finances, what this employee did is directly against company policy and has since been fired. Other Netflix employees, largely from the company’s transgender-employee group, are “urging all Netflix staffers to boycott work next Wednesday in protest” (WSJ).

Outside of the company, The Nation Black Justice Coalition has asked for Netflix to remove the special from their platform. However, Netflix has refused the request. Netflix Co-Chief Executive Ted Sarandos has acknowledged the communities concerns, but confirms Netflix will not take down the special as it does not Incite any type of violence.

Netflix has recently been riding the success of the popular South Korean dystopian drama “Squid Game”. However, with the Chappelle controversy now in the air, Netflix’s stock is sure to fall.



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