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With much of the world continuing to emerge from the affects of COVID-19, it seems that some places are still battling the virus. One place that has faced recent problems in China, who has seen a large amount of cases over the last month. According got Hindustan Times, "China reported 32,695 new local cases, of which 3,041 were symptomatic and 29,654 were asymptomatic, up from 31,444 total cases a day earlier. This rise in numbers has caused cities around China to enforce stricter lockdowns, greater safety precautions, and mass testing.

Many across the world blame China for the creation of the virus. With the virus originating in Wuhan, it quickly spread throughout the world. This not only disrupted every nations economy, but also disrupted people daily jobs and lives. While there is no exact reason for this recent spike in cases, it will be interesting to watch how the government will react and if any new possible variants will emerge from this rise in cases.



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