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  • Ethan Price

Fairlife? Not for the Cows.


By: Ethan Price

7 November, 2021

In June of 2019, video depicting severe animal abuse and cruelty surfaced from a Fairlife dairy farm in northwest Indiana. Fairlife is a Chicago based milk brand owned by Coca-Cola. While committing their disgusting acts, many of the employees worked under the effects of narcotics and openly used on the farm during work hours. All of this was filmed by an undercover investigator for Fair Oaks Farm back in 2018.

The general public was quick to take action as Fairlife products were pulled from grocery stores across Chicago. Consumer fraud lawsuits were filed across the country against Fairlife and later consolidated in Chicago federal court. These trials are still ongoing. During all of this, Coca-Cola kept quiet and discretely cut ties with Fairlife... for the time being (Yahoo).

As time passed and public outcry hushed, Coca-Cola began promoting Fairlife products once again.

However, the investigation appears to be gaining relevancy again as the footage has been trending on social media. If the storm pours harder this go around, Fairlife and Coke could see a few negatives on their balance sheets. Fairlife could see a of loss permits if the trial is ever played out, while Coca-Cola will lose credibility causing a decrease in their stock for a short period.



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