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From Days to Hours: Drone Delivery

Image Source: SmashGear

By: Michael Argenta

November 28, 2021

On Thanksgiving, Walmart Inc. announced the launch of its drone delivery service. While this project is still in its infancy due to a small test area and sample size, the retailer hopes to have widespread adoption around the country. However, for the moment, only shoppers within a 50-mile radius of Walmart’s Arkansas headquarters can experience this new phenomenon.

The retail giant is completing drone deliveries in a partnership with Zipline, a drone delivery company, to parachute packages onto porches. Once an order is received, the product is scanned, packaged in a carrying case, placed in a drone, and launched. Customers around Pea Ridge, Arkansas, then receive their packages 10x faster than other shipping methods.

Although Zipline is a medical drone delivery service, the newer company has expanded its reach. CEO Liam O’Connor stated that his company has been working for this day for many years. With over 220,000 commercial deliveries in foreign markets, it will be interesting to see what Zipline does next. After all, the mission of Zipline is to give consumers quick access to all kinds of products.

Overall, with the holidays quickly approaching, this is exciting news for consumers. With faster delivery methods, in-store shopping or worrying about shipping time may be alleviated. As more companies like Walmart and Amazon turn to drones, the future of shopping will completely change.



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