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Mel Tucker to LSU rumors ?!

By Jacob Lyle Image Source: MLive

Oct. 17. 2021

As Mel Tucker and the Michigan State Spartans are off to a 7-0 start, the first since 2015, it comes to no surprise that head coach Mel Tucker is in the running for the head coaching job at an A list school like LSU. As last year was a 2-5 unranked team, to now a 7-0 and the 9th best team in the country is a very impressive statement by head coach Mel Tucker and the entire Michigan State Football program.

Recent reports came out on LSU and their head coach Ed Oregeron about parting ways after the 2021-2022 CFB season. Leading one of the most prestiogous jobs in air. These rumors come to no surprise as im sure coach Mel Tucker will be in many reports in the upcoming future. The overall success and turn around by the Michigan State Football program will draw lots of attention across the country in various ways.

The LSU rumors have now included many other coaches like Luke Fickell from Cincinnati, James Franklin from Penn State, Mark Stoops from Kentucky, Joe Brady from the Carolina Panthers, among others as well.

Many are saying that Tucker should come out and silence the rumors if he is serious about building something special in East Lansing. One way to look at these rumors as a Michigan State fan is to relize that Mel Tucker was clearly the right hire by the athletic department. Maybe its time after this year to offer a more intruging contract for Mel Tucker. Keep Coach Tucker in East Lansing for the long haul. Go Green !



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