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By: Jacob Lyle Image Source: Lansing State Journal

Athletes around the country are being able to be paid for their name, image, and likeness, due to the NCAA allowing this bill to pass over the summer. Let's take a look at some news in our own back yard of East Lansing, Michigan.

Matt Ishbia, former MSU basketball player and CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage, announced on Wednesday that they will be giving $500 per month to any athlete on the Spartans Mens Basketball team and Football team for the lifetime of the career. As there is around 133 athletes together on both teams, each athlete would receive $6,000 a year. Resulting in a $800,000 NIL deal between UWM and MSU.

With that being said, what about the other student athletes in East Lansing? Ishbia states that "I’m very aware of the 800 student-athletes. I want to help as many people as we can,” Ishbia followed with “but for today, to figure this out, we went with football and (men’s) basketball. They are the two revenue sports. They are the two most notable sports obviously".

In conclusion, this is a great demonstration of how the Spartan family operates. We love and respect one another, now and in the future. Credit to Matt Ishbia for his generosity on making this historic deal for the Spartan athletics. GO GREEN !

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