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  • Ethan Price

Supply Chain in Shambles

By: Ethan Price

26 September, 2021

The busiest goods port in the nation, the L.A. Port Complex, closes for the night on most days, while major ports across the rest of the world operate 24 hours a day. As the world struggles to fix the supply chain issues created by Covid, many will ask, “What’s America’s problem”? Sadly, it’s because America can’t fill their ports and warehouses with employees. It seems as if nobody wants to work supply jobs due to the demanding hours, low wages, and for some, fear of contracting Covid.

Major companies are now feeling the waves caused by supply chain issues. “[Nike] doesn’t have enough sneakers for the holidays. [Costco] is reimposing limits on paper towel purchases” (WSJ). These companies, along with many others, are not only facing material shortage in order to make new products, but are also facing delivery delays, leaving retailers without stock. Most factories are filled to the brim with goods, meaning that the factories can only send out but not receive. In return, trucks and ships are forced to wait until their shipments can be unloaded. Though this does not need to be said, the World’s supply chain is in shambles, and as the world begins preparing for the holidays, it is only bound to get worse.



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