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  • Eli Richardson

The Insurance Industry's investment in Tech

Source: (CNET)

By Eli Richardson

October 3, 2021

The insurance industry is increasing its investment into technologies to make claims adjusters' jobs safer and easier. The rationale is that technology makes the industry more efficient. With the implementation of technologies, it is no longer necessary to send an insurance adjuster on a damaged roof or out walking storm-torn land, there is the technology that can do this.

It is expected by International Data Corp. that the industry will spend near $602 million on robotic technologies in 2021, with that number only expected to grow over the coming years.

This increased investment can be seen in how some of the major players in the industry responded to Hurricane Ida. Travelers Cos., United Services Automobile Association, and Farmers Insurance all deployed drones to inspect property damage as a result of the hurricane.

For example, Travelers has over 700 drones and deployed around 200 of them in the effort to inspect areas impacted by Ida (The Wall Street Journal).

Another implementation of robotics in the insurance industry is the development and deployment of robotic dogs. Farmers invested in the robot named Spot, a four-legged dog-style robot developed by Boston Dynamics.

The hope is that with operation and oversight Farmers will be able to send Spot into unsound structures or unsafe land. The robot's 360-degree camera will allow the robot to walk and capture information for Farmers' claims system.

These technologies however are thought to not be a replacement for typical claims worked and adjusters in the insurance industry, but to be a tool. Robots still require operators and oversight. The future of the insurance industry is individuals working with technology to offer faster and more efficient services to consumers.



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