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TIKTOK Trouble?

Social media company TikTok has been in news recently for their ties to China and its possible data collection of its users. Congress recently questioned TikTok's chief executive Shou Chew to further dig into their potential wrongdoings. For more than five hours, members of Congress questioned Chew on not only their datas collection, but also on their ties to their parent company ByteDance, affects on teenagers mental health, and other similar topics. While Chew tried denying his ties to China, saying that he lives in Singapore and attended school in the US, many lawmakers were not convinced that Chew was concerned with the well-being of TikTok's users. One fact that is worth noting which rarely happens, is that while there are some outliers, both Republicans and Democrats have seemed to oppose the app and are looking to possibly limit or ban it in the US. With this being the first hearing into the investigation on TikTok, it will be interesting to see where things turn.

Written by: Brendan Zaleski



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