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  • Eli Richardson

Wendy's New AI Innovation with GOOGLE Cloud

Source: (Wendy's)

By Eli Richardson

October 17, 2021

Wendy's Co. has a new deal with Google Cloud. The goal of the deal is to use Google's AI and data to implement voice recognition software in drive-throughs, computer-vision systems, and other data tools.

During the peak of the pandemic, Wendy's app saw an increase of 15% in downloads in the U.S., and Wendy's chief information officer Kevin Vasconi wants to use the momentum to further progress to the next steps of this innovation. This deal with Google Cloud is seen as a way to accomplish that goal.

One major innovation Wendy's wishes to accomplish is the used of Google's AI to have voice recognition software to take customer orders at their drive-through and on orders over the phone. The AI would transcribe orders into text for line cooks and servers and effectively eliminate shouting at drive-through speakers and increase the accuracy of orders. Wendy's even sees the possibility of expanding the software in the future to recognize customers' voices and offer options to repeat past orders or make recommendations based on preferences.

Another innovation Wendy's has discussed using Google Cloud is video cameras with software programmed to recognize items and trigger reminders and commands. An example would be a camera watching a drive-through line and when cars get backed up generating a command for a cook to put more fries in the fryer, because of the likelihood of increased demand.

Wendy's sees this deal with Google Cloud as a way to spur innovation. With more access to customer information than ever, the main objective is to store that data and use it to increase the customer experience.

As always with AI and data storage there are questions to be had surrounding data security however, it seems Wendy's is confident and looking to make headway in innovation for the fast-food industry.



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