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  • Ethan Price

Will the US Return to the Iran Nuclear Deal?

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Written by: Ethan Price

February 21st, 2022

Recently, the Biden Administration has been in deep negotiation with Iran and other world powers regarding their return to the Iran Nuclear. The U.S. was removed from the deal back in 2018 by Donald Trump, who believed America was giving more than they were receiving in the deal. The purpose of the nuclear deal is to limit the amount of nuclear power Iran has access to through negotiation. However, when the Trump Administration withdrew from the deal, the U.S. barred Iran's nuclear progress through economic sanctions.

Now that the U.S. wishes to return to the deal, new compromises will have to be made between the U.S., Iran and the other countries involved. For example, in the new deal, Iran will require that they receive the amount of nuclear fuel they once received in a year, every six months. This change is due to the nuclear expertise Iran has developed since the U.S. left the deal (WSJ).

With the U.S. returning to the deal, there are many economic implications. For example, over $30 billion of Iranian oil revenue is being held from Iran as part of the sanctions the U.S. and other countries had placed on Iran. Iran will most likely negotiate for this money back with the exchange of Western prisoners for Iranian ones. Iran would also like for Iran's Revolutionary Guards to be removed from the Foreign Terrorists Organizations listing (WSJ).

I predict that most of Iran's demands will be met, as the Biden Administration is really pushing for the reintegration of the U.S. into the deal. Additionally, the reinstatement of the U.S. could help to improve foreign relations between the U.S. and Iran.



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