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  • Evolution of the Chinese Economy

    With that, Bryan Lendzion, Nate Jefferson, and Matthew Mancini talk about how the CCP has adapted to

  • What’s the big deal about SoftBank?

    his new Vision Fund 2 which will invest into more tech startups (Source: Fortune) April 5th, 2021 By Matthew Mancini SoftBank (TYO: 9984) is a multinational conglomerate holding company. References:

  • Coinbase Goes Public

    Coinbase’s IPO made it the first cryptocurrency exchange to go public (Source: Forbes) By Matthew Mancini :

  • EU: JNJ Vaccine Approved, AstraZeneca Vaccine Suspended, & Surge in COVID-19 Cases

    shows a digitalized COVID-19 cell behind the European Union flag (Source: CIDOB) March 16th, 2021 By Matthew Mancini The single-shot vaccine created by drug manufacturer Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) was approved References:

  • Big Banks Ask Shareholders to Reject Racial Equity Audits

    the headquarters of Bank of America in Charlette, NC (Source: March 22nd, 2021 By Matthew Mancini Big banks, such as Citigroup (NYSE: C), Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC), and Bank of America (NYSE: These companies were among many to make public statements of support for the Black Lives Matter movement p=MS&.tsrc=fin-srch

  • Tesla Bought $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin

    Image of Tesla car with Bitcoin logo (Source: wccftech) February 8th, 2021 By Matthew Mancini Tesla Inc

  • Nikola’s Head of Fuel Cell Development Leaves

    Nikola’s hydrogen fueling system used for their electric semi-trucks (Source: Hydrogen Cars Now) By Matthew Mancini April 12th, 2021 The executive vice president of technology, hydrogen, and fuel cells at Nikola

  • Chinese Real Estate Developer Causes Worldwide Selloff

    Source (TheStreet) Matthew Mancini September 21st, 2021 Chinese real estate company, The Evergrande Group

  • Suez Canal Blocked by Massive Cargo Ship

    Above is a digger attempting to clean mud and sand away from the ship’s bow (Source: BBC) By Matthew Mancini March 28th, 2021 The Suez Canal in Egypt was blocked by a shipping container, the Ever Given, References:

  • Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Preparing to Go Public

    Jessica Alba with an array of products from her company (Source: USA Today) By Matthew Mancini January

  • Peloton Shares Spike as Talks of Buyout From Amazon, Nike, and Apple

    after-hours trading and opened substantially higher than its Friday closing price (Source: Yahoo Finance) By Matthew Mancini February 8, 2022 Shares of Peloton (PTON) surged 28.5% before the market opened on Monday after

  • Apple Unveils Three New Smartphones, Updated iPad Mini, and Larger Apple Watch

    Max, a Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro, a Starlight iPhone 13, and a Starlight iPhone 13 Mini (Forbes) By Matthew Mancini September 14th, 2021 Apple Inc.

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