Personal Finance Articles

Each week a member of the Spartan Journal News Team will publish an article relating to personal finance, covering topics that help young adults make sense of their personal economies. 

Savers vs Spenders

Jake Heronema


Money management philosophies are not something that is with us inherently from birth. Our feelings around money are often shaped at a young age when we start to have an understanding of the value of money and our perception of whether it is plentiful or scarce. Money and financial planning are logical topics that are known to have often very deep and emotional roots that can significantly impact relationships, even all those years later.

Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio

Vincent Pucillo


Investing is a necessary step to growing your wealth. There are several strategies people may take, but certainly one of the most important is diversification. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is a great way to describe diversification. Diversification means spreading the risk of your investments among many different securities, with the main goal of reducing risk and increasing your investment success.

What is Investing?

Justin Halvorson


At its core, an investment is simply something you build incrementally over time, receiving a benefit in the future.

Could you handle a $1,000 Emergency?

Jake Heronema


Most financial experts recommend that you have somewhere between three months and six months of basic living expenses in your emergency fund.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Oscar Garner III


Debt is essential for creating future wealth and achieving financial goals but taking on the wrong debt can be the difference between bankruptcy and prosperity

The Importance Of Budgeting

Vincent Pucillo


Being in control of your finances is crucial to having financial freedom.