Andrew Hendren

Spartan Journal News Contributor

Hey everyone, my name is Andrew Hendren and I'm a sophomore majoring in finance and psychology. I joined WMA in the beginning of this school year, and its turned out to be an invaluable experience. I've learned a ton about what to expect in the wealth management field and ways that I can better prepare myself for a future career. I'm excited to work on and alongside the news team and get started on the CFP program this semester.

In November I started at Herbert Financial Group in Auburn Hills as a financial planning intern. Since then, I've began learning how to prepare for a financial planning appointment, become familiar with financial planning software, sat in on client meetings, and am working towards my insurance licensing and FINRA series 66. In addition, I'm currently serving as the VP of Finance for the Evans Scholars Eboard. Through this position, I will be managing the assets and work on the budgeting for the house for the next year.

I'm looking forward to my next semester with the club. I'm hopeful that my stories will be an interesting contribution and that I can gain more knowledge by writing them.