Vincent Pucillo

Podcast Producer

Hi everybody! My name is Vincent Pucillo and I am a junior marketing major with a minor in entrepreneurship & innovation as well as a participant in MSU’s wealth management program. I discovered the MSU Wealth Management Association through my participation in the wealth management program and I am excited to be working with and being part of this great organization as a Podcast Producer.

In addition to this, some other extracurriculars I have participated in are the Broad Mentorship Program and the Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship. Along with this, I am also working at Digested Organics based in Farmington Hills, MI working as a Sales & Business Development Intern, and I recently accepted an internship offer to work at PepsiCo this upcoming summer.

As we continuously improve the MSU WMA podcast, if you have any feedback or comments that you would like to share to improve it further, or have any questions in general, please do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting!