• Varun Reddy

Amazon Begins On-Site Covid Vaccinations

The Covid vaccination effort has taken off over the last few weeks with the United States averaging nearly 2.5 million vaccinations a day. President Biden set out for a goal to have 100 million Americans vaccinated within his first 100 days in office. We recently passed that mark after only his 53rd day in office. Despite vaccination rates being relatively high, Amazon is starting an in-house vaccination program for its employees.

Amazon warehouse workers are classified as frontline workers but, “Most of [the] conversations go on at the state and local level, in terms of who’s eligible for the vaccine.” Amazon will be setting up vaccination clinics within various warehouses across the country to help workers get vaccinated and licensed healthcare providers will administer the vaccines.

The workforce within multiple amazon fulfillment centers have expressed concerns related to vaccine efficacy. Amazon has been actively addressing the issue expressing to employees that vaccinations will be “the quickest way for life to return to normal.”

There has been great interest in the on-site vaccination clinics so far as Amazon is only a few days in. Nearly 1000 employees have already signed up to get their place in line. Amazon still promotes off-site vaccinations though, offering bonuses of up to $80 for those who get vaccinated elsewhere. With the vaccination effort moving along quickly, everyone is hopeful of having the end in sight.