• Varun Reddy

Johnson and Johnson Vaccine "Paused"

Last week, the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine was paused due to rare cases of blood clots. The single dose vaccine has helped ease stress off of the strained vaccine supply chain system by only requiring one dose and having the ability to be stored at regular refrigeration temperatures.

Since February 27, the day the vaccine was approved, 8.6 million people have received the J&J vaccine. Of those people, 6 have been diagnosed with a rare case of blood clots. The blood clots are still being studied to see if the vaccine is a direct link and until then, the vaccine will remain paused.

Dr. Anthony Fauci from the CDC has made a statement claiming that he believes the vaccine will be resumed this coming Friday. “I don’t think they will just cancel it” he claimed when referring to the vaccine. His assumptions imply that the vaccine will come back into use with warnings and restrictions.

The global vaccine effort has been pushing strongly with the U.S leading in vaccinations. Nearly 80 million U.S. citizens are fully vaccinated with the hopes of having an end to the pandemic in sight. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine pause is the only major issue that has arisen since the massive vaccine effort has begun.