• Nick Nowakowski

drama in georgia

At the end of March, the republican controlled state of Georgia signed a bill that made changes to current voting laws. These changes include new restrictions on absentee voting, ID requirement, and contains a ban on Sunday voting. Specifically, the law shrinks the window for voters to request mail ballots from six months from Election day, to only 78 days. As a result of these changes, “Democrats and voting rights groups were outraged by voter ID provisions and changes to mail voting that they believe will make more difficult for some minorities and poorer voters to cast a ballot” (cbsnews). They feel it is an attack on voting rights, specifically targeting minority groups. Not only did this cause outrage among voting groups, but many corporations such as Delta, Coca-Cola, and ViacomCBS voiced their opposition. MLB even moved their All-Star game from Atlanta to Colorado. President Biden supports the opposition. Some Republicans feel that the new laws can expand voting rights, particularly for rural areas. One of the more controversial changes is the new voter ID requirements. “Voters who cast mail ballots will have to provide one of several forms of identification” (washingtonpost). Critics feel this will be unfair towards Black voters. Another controversial change is banning Sunday voting which is usually a tradition for Black voters after their church services. Rather or not people agree with this change, this law has sparked lots of controversy.