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NBA Icon Expands his food empire.

By Jacob Lyle

Nov 14th , 2021

The great and intelligent Shaquille O’Neal once signed the richest contract in sports history, and then went on to win four NBA titles. These days Shaq has a new business, he’s trying to conquer the chicken sandwich.

O'Neal is the Co- owner of "Big Chicken", a relatively new restaurant to the food industry. 3 years ago they launched their first location in Las Vegas Nevada and as of last year they launched in Glendale Arizona.

Now, O’Neal is focused on sports arenas, the type of venue he knows the best.

Big Chicken recently opened a location at Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, home to the National Hockey League’s newest team, the Kraken. And on Thursday, O’Neal made a brief stop through New York to get a glimpse of UBS Arena, the new $1.5 billion home of the NHL’s New York Islanders.

O’Neal owns various Papa John’s locations, and even makes an appearance in a commercial for the pizza chain. In 2019, he joined the company’s board. But this task is a much different one for O’Neal, because he’s starting the brand "Big Chicken" from scratch.

A very interesting topic to keep your eye on as Shaquille O'Neal may be back at it again with another brilliant business idea !



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