• Varun Reddy

NFL Finalizes New 11-Year Media Rights Deal

Updated: Mar 25

This past week the NFL finalized a new media deal that will last until 2033. In that time, different media outlets such as Fox and ABC will rotate on a yearly basis with NFL streaming. This new deal though announces the entrance of a new player in the NFL streaming world. Amazon is now given exclusive Thursday night rights.

Amazon will be paying nearly $1 billion per year as it takes on a new role as an NFL streaming service. Their $1 billion a year is marginal compared to other such as Comcast and Disney who will be paying over $2 billion a year for streaming rights. Disney, who owns ESPN and ABC, will be paying the most at $2.7 billion a year as they have the most inclusive streaming rights deal.

A statement by the Senior VP of Prime Video stated that the new deal, “Gives tens of millions of new and existing Prime members exclusive access to must-watch live football on Prime Video.” This claim helps to make Amazon prime an enticing deal, further growing their already massive subscription base.

With a new media rights deal in place, the future of the NFL appears hopeful. This year’s Superbowl was the lowest streamed since 2007. A lack of in-person attendance throughout the year led to less fans keeping up with the big game. Vaccination rates are increasing and restrictions are slowly lifting with a hopeful return to near normalcy.