• Nick Nowakowski

The work environment post covid-19

Updated: Mar 25

A typical day for someone with a job or school nowadays might consist of getting up, grabbing a cup of coffee, and heading to your computer to get on a series of zoom calls for the rest of the day. Now that businesses and schools are opening again, people may question what the work environment will be like. Businesses will have to maintain cleaner work environments and follow COVID-19 laws to safely remain open. “Plan for everything else to be staggered too — work hours, daily or weekly shifts, workspaces (staggered or checkerboard design), lunch times, cleaning shifts, elevator usage, new hire interviews…” About 74% of companies are considering using the strategy of following government guidelines to maintain safety and bring their employees back to work; while 79% of companies are already implementing safety plans by providing face masks for employees (Mercer). Employees may work hybrid schedules of 3 days in office and 2 days at home. Another factor that employees may be concerned about, is if their company will require them to receive a COVID vaccine to return to work. Legally, employers can require their employees to be vaccinated, but it might depend on the job. Many businesses will want their workers to be vaccinated to ensure safety and encourage people to go out and enjoy sit-down restaurants or go on vacation (Washingtonpost.com). COVID-19 has changed the current work environment and could leave changes that potentially could last forever.