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  • Ethan Price

Tragedy at Astroworld


By: Ethan Price

14 November, 2021

Astroworld Festival ended in tragedy on the night of November 6th in Houston, Texas. The festival was headlined and organized by world famous artist Travis Scott. As soon as gates opened, fans began jumping over barricades and fences, skipping lines and security checkpoints all together. Sadly, this was only the start of the madness. Many sustained injuries imposed on them by the mob-like crowd, while nine individuals were reported as dead by the end of the night.

Since that night, Travis Scott and entertainment company, Live Nation, have been under fire for the tragedies that occurred. Some witnesses say that the tragedies could have been prevented if Scott had stopped the show sooner or had condemned violence in his crowd. Videos from the night of the festival even show the crowd chanting, "Stop the show". Regardless of what may or may not have happened that night, one thing is certain: the lives 9 innocent concertgoers were lost.

Following the incident, a man by the name of Manuel Souza has filed a lawsuit agains Scott and Live Nation for "failure to properly plan and conduct the concert in a safe manner" (CNN). The trial is still ongoing.

As far as repercussions go, Travis Scott's image and his personal brand are sure to take a hit, while Live Nation will most likely lose future performers, as their credibility to put on safe and enjoyable shows has been tarnished.



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