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U.S. Secures 200 Million Covid Vaccines

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Attacking and addressing Covid-19 has been at the top of Biden’s priority list since taking office. His claimed $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill truly embodies that despite the Republican opposition it has received. Announced last week, the U.S. has finalized a deal that secured 200 million vaccine doses for Americans.

Over the past two months, multiple producers of the vaccine have been reporting their trial results and attempting to get their share of vaccines across the nation. The most notable being Pfizer and Moderna, yet others such as Novavax and Johnson & Johnson are awaiting emergency use authorization.

Of the 200 million vaccines secured, 100 million will come from Pfizer and the other 100 million will come from Moderna. The U.S., after receiving these extra doses, will now have enough supply to vaccinate 300 million people with the two-dose vaccines. It remains unclear when those who want the vaccine will be able to receive it due to logistical challenges.

The first 100 million of the newly ordered vaccines are scheduled to be delivered by the end of May which is more than a month ahead of what originally expected. The next 100 million vaccines aren’t expected to be delivered until the end of July meaning that it may not be until after summer and into the fall that everyone will have vaccine accessibility.

Biden recently stated that, “When I became President three weeks ago, America had no plan to vaccinate most of the country”. Over 10 million people have been fully vaccinated so far and at the current rate that vaccinations are taking place, there should be more than 100 million people vaccinated within Biden’s first 100 days in office.



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