• Varun Reddy

FAA Fines Boeing $6.6 Million

The past year has been quite rough on Boeing. Following the crashes of two 737 Max planes, the aviation giant has been trying to crawl its way back up a slippery slope. Then Covid hit placing a near complete halt in aviation travel. Lastly, two weeks ago an engine failure on a 787 Dreamliner has led to various groundings of the plane worldwide.

Last Thursday, the FAA said it fined Boeing $5.4 million and another $1.21 million to settle two other safety related cases. Within the delicate production process of planes, there is a near zero margin for error which Boeing allegedly has not been enforcing. Quality control processes are not being monitored properly and workers have claimed facing “undue pressure.”

Despite the alleged issues, Boeing staff ensured that aircrafts were safe before being certified to fly. The FAA has been keeping a strict watch over the manufacturer claiming, “The FAA will always put safety first in all its decisions.”

Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner has been facing mounting problems due to production flaws and recently, a diminishing demand for the twin-aisle jet. Boeing has responded saying, “We are strengthening our work processes and operations to ensure we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of safety and quality.” With air travel ramping up again and a busy summer expected, it’s imperative that Boeing resolves any remaining issues.