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    • What Sectors Look Promising Post COVID-19?

      At the beginning of the pandemic the stock market took a heavy hit and dramatically dropped in value. After the major sell offs the market finally started to recover favoring technology stocks like Zoom, Microsoft, Amazon, and many others. With the end of the pandemic in sight, many may wonder what sectors will boom once this madness is over? Thinking about it logically, no one was traveling during the pandemic causing oil prices and airline companies to suffer. The airline companies took on large amounts of debt to finance operations. However, with things starting to open back up, and people anxious to get out, the airlines should see more traffic soon. Even though productivity should pick up, one should be aware of the amount of debt the airlines took on and should consider airlines an aggressive investment. Oil also has a promising outlook in the future. With people out driving more and the airlines demanding more fuel, oil prices should start to increase once more and more people have been vaccinated. Another sector that looks promising is the energy sector. According to UBS, “Progress was made toward a more sustainable energy mix.” Clean energy was attractive in 2020 and, “in a recent report, the IEA predicted renewables will overtake coal in share of electricity generation by 2025.” With these sectors in mind, make sure to address your financial advisor before making any decisions. Sources https://www.aa.com.tr/en/economy/us-crude-oil-stocks-rise-against-market-expectation/1872996 (picture) https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/stock-market-outlook-industries-value-higher-approved-covid19-vaccine-2020-11-1029798051 UBS House View Investment Strategy Guide

    • A Lifesaving Budget

      An article published by CNBC last December reported that about 63% of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck. That’s nearly 2/3 of the people in this country only one paycheck away from not being able to provide for themselves and possibly their family. As the recent events of the global pandemic shows, life can be completely unpredictable. Despite this truth, the financial impact of those times can be much more manageable if people are able to create a budget to build up their savings for when a financial emergency strikes. Regardless if you currently have a lot of bills or none, building up a solid foundation of budgeting now can prove beneficial to you for years to come. A popular budgeting principle is the 50/30/20 rule. The rule is simple: · 50% of your income goes to your needs · 30% of your income goes to your wants · 20% of your income to your savings and debt repayment This is a base budgeting system you should work to implement in your life. You can tweak the plan if you feel like you need less of your money going to your needs or wants. However, you should always commit to saving a minimum of 20% of your income because you never know when you might need that money to help with a financial emergency. Once a budgeting plan is set up, you're ready to begin tackling your financial goals. Sources https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/finance/how-to-budget https://www.thebalance.com/how-to-make-a-budget-1289587

    • Biden Pushes for $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill

      As COVID-19 continues to spread with speed, the Biden administration is wasting no time getting to work. With hopes of containing the virus and providing vaccine accessibility for all, the White House is pushing for a $1.9 trillion relief package. Biden signed a series of orders Thursday designed to promote mask wearing and streamline production of Covid vaccines and protective equipment, among other goals. The executive actions fit into Biden’s early push to curb the outbreak and mitigate its damage to the economy. Early critiques from republican senators Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski has led to uncertainty about the relief bills hefty price tag. The debate comes to whether there is a need for another relief bill following the $900 billion measure passed by congress just over a month ago. Biden continues to emphasize that regardless of a minor negative impact on the economy from the price of the relief bill, the benefits of controlling the pandemic outweigh all other costs. The virus’s lingering impacts continue to stay relevant as 900,000 Americans file for unemployment benefits. The U.S. unemployment rate stood at 6.7% in December, which, before the global Covid-19 crisis, would be the highest jobless rate since March 2014. This evidence is cited for the support of the $1.9 trillion relief package as it’s claimed that, “The economy is moving in the wrong direction.” Despite the debates that have risen following the inauguration of the 46th President, one thing for sure is that the spread of the virus has not decelerated. As the virus continues to spread and, just recently, mutated versions of the virus are being discovered, the future of the economy and well-being of the people of America remains uncertain. Sources https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/21/covid-stimulus-update-biden-relief-plan-faces-republican-moderate-opposition.html?&qsearchterm=covid%20relief%20bill https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/14/biden-stimulus-package-details-checks-unemployment-minimum-wage.html?&qsearchterm=covid%20relief%20bill

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      About Member Resources Events Jobs Spartan Journal WMA Podcast Search More Jobs Listings ​ ​ ​ Published By ​ Published Date ​ Check Position ​ ​ ​ Published By ​ Published Date ​ Check Position Financial Advisor/Wealth Manager ​ Full Time Published By McAdam Financially Advanced Published Date ​ Check Position Pathways Summer Internship ​ Summer Internship Published By Morgan Stanley Published Date ​ Check Position Plante Moran Launch ​ Event Published By Plante Moran Published Date ​ Check Position Financial Representative Trainee ​ Full Time Published By Thrivent Financial Published Date ​ Check Position Wealth Management Summer Intern ​ Summer Internship Published By Morgan Stanley Published Date ​ Check Position Track Internship ​ Summer Internship Published By Plante Moran Published Date ​ Check Position Financial Internship ​ Summer Internship Published By Archer Huntley Financial Services Published Date ​ Check Position Wealth Management Trust Internship ​ Summer Internship Published By Comerica Bank Published Date ​ Check Position Financial Advisor Position ​ Internship, part time and full time position opportunities Published By Synergy CPA Tax & Financial Services LLC Published Date ​ Check Position Financial Advisor - Full Time & Internship ​ Full Time & Summer Internship Published By Michigan Financial Companies Published Date ​ Check Position

    • Wealth Management Summer Intern

      Wealth Management Summer Intern About Member Resources Events Jobs Spartan Journal WMA Podcast Search More Job Location ​ Published By Morgan Stanley Type of Job Summer Internship Published Date ​ About the job At Morgan Stanley, we know that the diversity of our people is one of our greatest strengths. We strive to build an organization that is diverse in experience and background, reflecting our standards of integrity and excellence. Our Pathways Summer Internship Program is an integral part of our long-term diversity recruiting strategy, open to outstanding rising junior and seniors. During this 10-week internship, you’ll work side-by-side with a successful, established FA Advisory team. The program includes course work in industry and product-specific training, an overview of wealth management and the roles within, and an overall education about the depth and breadth of Morgan Stanley’s platform and capabilities. Throughout the program, Associates will share experiences with a virtual cohort community, participate in weekly mentoring and learning sessions, and add value through their unique perspective and strong academic background. Pathways Summer Associate opportunities are available for students in various branches located throughout the Great Lakes Region of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Requirements Applicants must be in their sophomore or junior year at a 4-year accredited college or university. Minimum GPA of 3.0. Strong desire to gain further understanding of the global wealth management business. Basic knowledge and a keen interest in finance. Marketing expertise preferred. An ability to understand and interpret numeric data. Effective written and oral communication and interpersonal skills. Demonstrates leadership abilities. Self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit The ability to collaborate and work effectively on a team. About us ​ Address East Lansing APPLY HERE https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2349069260/?eBP=CwEAAAF2_PSG_rDPIBF6Syten2xWmrU4zcoJATdl-vVqINc67y4pUNYxsnDCWXoZGe_KRlrmf5yYiKtbvXVA_6wo84hdBz7wW-zKIWS5-eIincKWWXLKcKoAoERm-HJBH-rGOeFHM1T4FMvDFb2l2FQEwKTgVna49wi-QsnD6CmnTLVI9-MyCrKLM7IitR8a70u1Gy5IL2EsSRMnszMlSf3jqSRidqWAPNCrFeBnPl1_cFthw0rRmT-bfINTHw4oAo_OoLBFRsWFSW275kuQecPEJiaOKgqcr5BPQbtvvUHOzfvdyz7NW_WbsvI0a3bdfGEKBIejfxiRzQtK-S5Wed_F2umti_QbORNcHlMUAA&recommendedFlavor=ACTIVELY_HIRING_COMPANY&refId=rVEm4bu8ydFsEN0a10MOUg%3D%3D&trackingId=fbDE9BkBZM7eVli4PD7A5A%3D%3D&trk=flagship3_search_srp_jobs Back To All Jobs

    • Financial Advisor/Wealth Manager

      Financial Advisor/Wealth Manager About Member Resources Events Jobs Spartan Journal WMA Podcast Search More Job Location ​ Published By McAdam Financially Advanced Type of Job Full Time Published Date ​ About the job Success, for you and your clients. Earn the ability to create your own financial success through helping clients enjoy their own. You do not need prior finance experience to join us, but you do need energy, great people skills, a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. We will provide training, resources and the support that you will need to do better than your best. Being financially advanced requires a whole new level of thinking and doing. At McAdam, we’ve completely reinvented the concept of financial advice to take clients and their future to a whole new level. Unlike most advisors, we go beyond the traditional focus on one’s personal and financial life. We also consider an additional, more important driver of one’s financial picture—their profession. Requirements Identifies and sets appointments with potential clients Meets with clients to assess their financial needs Develops a customized financial plan to address each client’s outlined goals Maintains strong relationships with clients, helping them to track their progress over time Provides ongoing consultation and support About us ​ Address Chicago, IL, USA APPLY HERE https://msu.joinhandshake.com/jobs/3434674?ref=non-split-view-web-app&search_id=b112b9b2-768d-46d2-960a-9f66f00b45d6 Back To All Jobs

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